Samsung SDS introduces security solutions for Tizen smartwatches

Samsung SDS has come up with security solutions for Tizen based smartwatches known as “Enterprise Mobility Management” or EMM. This could go a long way in streamlining the usage of Samsung’s smartwatches across a wide range of sectors, including defence and security.

It’s important to remember that these security solutions are only designed for Tizen wearables, so only the Samsung Gear range of smartwatches are covered for the time being. This has been certified by the Common Criteria that was set up by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) under the guidance of the NSA.

Using Samsung EMM, smartwatches can be remotely managed in case of theft or loss. Further, users will be able to use screen lock remotely, and keep data secure to avoid theft. Users can also switch off GPS and NFC sensors remotely to preserve battery life.

Smartwatches can help a great deal in public sectors where smartphones cannot be used at all times. So the launch of Samsung EMM will go a long way in encouraging more users to embrace the platform, especially the ones based on Tizen. Data stored on your smartwatches was never really secure as history will tell us, so it’s commendable of Samsung to take up the initiative to change that.

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