Daily Deal: Save 51% on the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth headphones

Samsung’s Level U Pro Bluetooth in-ear headphones can be bought on Amazon for $48.65. The Amazon listing mentions that you’re saving about $51.34, which is 51 percent off on the original asking price of $99.99.

While Bluetooth headphones aren’t exactly rare in nature, finding a good one can always be tough. If you’ve been hustling to get your hands on a decent set of wireless headphones without spending a bomb, your search ends right here.

Unfortunately, only the Black version is available at this price, while other colors are slightly more expensive. These models are worth a look if you don’t mind spending an extra $10 or so for a different color. The headphones ship globally with a $10-12 shipping fee levied for such shipments.

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I’m a little surprised you guys haven’t been the SAVINGS one gets using the rewards system using Samsung Pay. I managed to snag THREE of Level U Pro from free to low prices. Thanks to Samsung Pay and its reward system, I managed to get THREE of the $50 off code coupon to use on their site on anything. The Level U Pro was on sale for $49.99 two weeks ago and it was free 3 day shipping. Next week I got another, unfortunately they were almost back to full price but instead of $100, they were at $80 and… Read more »