Samsung teams up with Microsoft to enable C# developers to build apps for Tizen

Samsung today announced a partnership with Microsoft on open source projects like .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms to provide .NET support for Tizen. What this means is that C# developers can now build apps for Samsung’s Tizen devices. Tizen is a nascent operating system based on Linux. It currently powers more than 50 million Samsung devices.

Samsung has released the first preview of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen which enables .NET developers to easily create applications for smart TVs, wearable devices like the Gear S3, Tizen-powered smartphones and Internet of Things devices. The first preview of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen supports mobile app development with device emulators as well as an extension to Visual Studio which provides full IntelliSense and debugging support.

“Through thoughtful and progressive collaboration with Microsoft, Samsung is expecting to create unique development experiences for both Tizen and C# developers, enriching the Tizen ecosystem,” said Seung-hwan Cho, Executive Vice President and Deputy Head of Software R&D Center at Samsung.

The company is going to add support for smart TVs, wearables and other IoT devices to this tool in future releases. Samsung confirms that Tizen’s .NET support is going to be officially released and shipping on its devices, including smart TVs, starting next year.


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