Themes Thursday: Here are some good themes out of 101 released this week

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! This is where we showcase the best themes released each week for Samsung smartphones. Samsung has released 101 themes in the Theme Store over the past one week, and we’ve found six themes that you might be interested in.

As usual, themes designed by Kendi and MINU have managed to grab our eyeballs. [Kendi] MateriOS Black, [Kendi] Niel UI, and [MINU] Pixel themes have well-designed icons, and the themes look good overall. The Dark Matter theme uses icons from Samsung’s Grace UX but adds a dark a brilliant wallpaper and a dark background.

The Music Festival theme uses neon colors on a black background, which makes the theme look attractive. This theme looks great on smartphones with Super AMOLED displays. The Victory theme looks good too, thanks to its victory sign and circular dual-tone icons. Which theme did you install this week?

[Kendi] MateriOS Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] MateriOS Black

[Kendi] Niel UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Niel UI

[MINU] Pixel
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Pixel

Dark Matter
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Dark Matter

Music Festival
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Music Festival

Samsung Galaxy Theme - Victory

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