Knox 2.7 improves security on the Galaxy Note 7

Knox 2.7 is the latest version of Samsung’s mobile security software and it significantly improves security on the company’s latest flagship handset. It has several new security features which will be of great benefit particularly to enterprise users, the features provide enhanced protection of personal and work data as well as greater convenience.

Knox 2.7’s defenses have been strengthened from the core with Call Flow Protection defense. It safeguards the handset against kernel attacks which can prove to be the most destructive. It also leverages the Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner to provide a new level of security. The iris scanner is more secure and accurate than a fingerprint scanner and now enterprise users can apply this authentication method to improve their device security. IT administrators get more control over the device to maintain good security in the workplace, they can send out firmware over-the-air to ensure that all devices on the network are running the latest firmware. The Secure Folder feature in the Galaxy Note 7 is also made possible by Knox technology, it’s a separate encrypted folder where users can store their private apps and sensitive files.


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