Samsung will rely on meaningful innovations to corner the smartphone market

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge have helped Samsung regain a strong footing in the global smartphone market and the company certainly wants the momentum to continue. It’s now working to corner the smartphone market in advance by relying on meaningful innovation for the Galaxy ecosystem that speaks to consumers. The idea is to listen to what customers are demanding and follow through. That’s precisely what the company did when it brought back expandable memory and water resistance with the Galaxy S7 series.

“Meaningful innovations have to satisfy customers’ needs and challenge stereotypical thinking,” said President of Samsung Mobile Koh Dong-jin, adding that “If one listens close to voices of customers, there are still many innovations that still need to happen.” As a result of this shift in strategy Samsung will be focusing on creating technologies that customers want instead of creating technology just for the sake of creating new technology. Samsung introduced new meaningful innovations with the Galaxy Note 7 which improved the new S Pen that’s better than ever before as well as the iris scanner. Samsung will continue down this path of meaningful innovation to set its products apart from the competition.

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