These are the three new tricks that the Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen has picked up

When the Galaxy Note 5 was launched last year we reported on the new tricks that its S Pen had picked up. The S Pen is integral to the Galaxy Note experience so Samsung tries to make it more useful every year with new features and it’s likely to be the same story with the Galaxy Note 7. A new report has been published today which sheds light on three potential new tricks that the Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen has picked up.

The first new trick is called Translate. As the name suggests, it will help users translate words that are in a foreign language. Screenshots show that users will simply need to hover the S Pen over a word to translate it, they can also tap on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. This will eliminate the need for users to launch a separate app to translate words and is certainly going to prove very useful. Magnify is the second trick and it’s self-explanatory as well. It will enable users to enlarge areas of the screen by hovering the S Pen over them. Last but not the least, there’s Glance which will help users quickly switch between apps by hovering the S Pen over the thumbnail. All of this is above and beyond the new S Pen’s rumored ability to write underwater.

What do you think about these features, do any of these feel like just novelties or do you think you could get a fair amount of use from them?


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