Samsung explains how it hardened Android for Work using Knox

There was once a time when both business owners and their employees would only purchase corporate smartphones from BlackBerry as they feared offerings from other manufacturers weren’t as secure. However, over time, and with the development of new services, such as Android for Work, that perception has changed, and significantly more people are making the switch.

It would appear that Samsung is now one of the largest vendors for company handsets, and this likely has something to do with the Knox defense-grade security platform it builds into all its devices, which extends the software level protections of the Android operating system by adding a layer of reinforced hardware level security mechanisms.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not a feature that many people are aware of or understand — so Samsung has taken to its official YouTube channel to share a short video explaining how it hardened Android for Work with Knox on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and how using it can benefit you.

Check it out below:


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