Samsung executive claims that bendable display launch is “right around the corner”

Three days ago, a report was published by Bloomberg suggesting that Samsung may release two smartphones with bendable displays in 2017. However the head of Samsung’s North American business, Gregory Lee, seems to think they’ll hit the market a little sooner than expected as when asked about the technology at Rutberg’s Future: Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay yesterday, he said that he thinks a launch is “right around the corner.”

Lee then went on to reveal that Samsung has produced various bendable display prototypes over the course of the past ten years. There has been one major problem with all of them, though, and it comes in the form of pricing. He claims that it has “been very difficult to manufacture [the technology] at a reasonable cost,” which means that unless the process is refined, the final price of the product will be too much for the average consumer to afford.

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