Samsung has sold more than one million curved monitor products

Samsung has announced that it has sold over one million curved monitor products worldwide. The company came out with its first curved LED monitor back in September 2014 and has since expanded the product lineup to include multiple curved monitors. Samsung says that it now accounts for over 85 percent of all global curved monitor sales.

The curved monitors are designed to match the natural shape of the human eye and they feature uniform center-to-edge viewing distances to provide a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience. Samsung’s curved monitors are ideal for gamers and at-home entertainment users due to their extra-wide viewing angles and enhanced contrast ratios. Samsung’s latest curved monitor offerings include the 27-inch CF591 and the CF390 that’s available in 23.5- and 27-inch models and it goes without saying that the company is only going to add more products to this lineup in the future.


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