Samsung will not launch new 3D TVs this year

3D TVs were all the rage a few years ago but it appears that the bubble has burst. It was reported recently that both Samsung and LG will progressively cut down on their 3D TV offerings and will ultimately eliminate them from product lineups. Samsung has now said that it’s not going to release any new 3D TVs in 2016. LG is only going to offer its most expensive 3D TVs as it cuts the number of 3D TV offerings from 40% in 2015 to just 20% this year.

Now that customers are going after TVs that support Ultra HD and HDR technologies manufacturers are following them. There’s simply not much demand for 3D TVs now as there used to be a couple of years back which is why it makes no sense for companies like Samsung to continue pushing them in the market. It’s unclear if Samsung intends to come out with a new 3D TV next year since the technology isn’t actually dead but at least it has made it clear that customers shouldn’t expect a new model this year.


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