Samsung has a Glassless 3D UHD TV and 8K TV in the works

A Bendable TV and a monstrous 105-inch curved UHD TV are good and all but how about we peek in the future? At the CES 2014 last week, Samsung was showing off some interesting prototypes that gave a glimpse of what might come from the world’s biggest TV giant. First is the Glassless 3D UHD TV and though glasses-free 3D TVs have existed for some time, the high-resolution found with this particular TV set is what makes it special.

Samsung didn’t have much to say since it’s just a prototype but we hope to hear more about this at the IFA later this year.

Next up is the 8K (QUHD) TV. The resolution this TV packs is insane but realistically we don’t expect a consumer-grade 8K TV from Samsung for at least two years. The simple reason being that 4K TV sets have begun to make inroads with a slightly affordable price tag and Samsung wouldn’t want to jeopardise it with a TV that outputs double the resolution. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t really mind having it in our office ;).



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