SlamdunQ Golf arrives for the Gear S2 to perfect your golf swing

Golf, like any other sport, mandates practice, study, and examination. Not only must you practice your golf swing and how you hit the ball, among other things, but you must also examine the distance between you and the hole, weigh the intensity at which you hit the ball (so that it goes in the goal, not past it), and so on. It looks easy when champions emerge, but only practice makes perfect.

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SlamdunQ had released the cricket bowling monitoring app, SlamdunQ Cricket for the Gear S2, but the company now looks to bring its own golf swing monitoring tool in the form of an app for Samsung’s latest smartwatch. The app requires that you have the Samsung Gear Manager app installed on your smartphone and pair your Gear S2 with your Android or Samsung smartphone before downloading the app on the Gear S2.

The app is designed to hone your Golf swing. The sensors in the smartwatch detect all the parameters of a golf swing, and present the data in a concise manner on the connected smartphone. It even presents your ‘action replay’. The SlamdunQ Golf app is free on the Samsung Gear Apps Store.

SlamdunQ Golf Gear S2


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