SlamdunQ Cricket app comes to the Gear S2 to hone your Cricket skills

The Gear S2 is turning heads, getting nods, and making money. It is the best smartwatch Samsung has ever made, but one criticism continues to rear its ugly head: “there aren’t enough apps.” However, SlamdunQ, owner of the SlamdunQ Cricket and SlamdunQ Golf games, is bringing SlamdunQ Cricket to the Gear S2.

SlamdunQ Cricket Gear S2 support

SlamdunQ made the announcement about the arrival of the app on Twitter yesterday morning. Now, those who’re sporting the most beloved smartwatch on the market can now combine the style of their Gear S2 smartwatch with the success of a personal cricket coach on the wrist.

As you know, SlamdunQ Cricket is designed to show your bowling action movement and guide you to whatever measure of success you seek. It tells you about your swing, the movement of your arm, even if you need to “twist the wrist more” to bowl like a professional.

While you’re bowling your way to success, Samsung is working on bringing more apps to the Gear S2 so that it becomes a life companion. You can now download SlamdunQ Cricket for free, and it’s available at Google Play.


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