Samsung readying hearing aid with model number SM-R790

Rumors concerning Samsung’s entrance into the hearing aid market have been circling around for quite a while. Now, information from different sources suggest the first device with model number SM-R790 is nearing its official launch.

A few weeks ago, Samsung applied for registration of a trademark for the term Earcle in South Korea, with several references to hearing aids in its related products description. Today, a device with model number SM-R790 has surfaced at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s (SIG) database. The device’s description clearly states Samsung Bluetooth Hearing Aid, leaving very little to our imagination.

On top of all this, Samsung has been patenting specific hearing aid software features, such as a – as it’s called in one particular patent – Sound Radar, where the user can select the sound source to be boosted using a smartphone application with a radar-like interface. Of course, whether such functionality comes with the soon to be launched SM-R790 remains to be seen.

For now, it is clear that Samsung will soon enter the hearing aid market, in one form or another, as the Bluetooth SIG lists the device as an end product.


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Oh and this new hearing aid is meant to harness the latest microphone technology of it’s many smartphones, together with it’s own advanced microphone technology. It’s meant to be able to place where sounds are coming from in 3D for distance and directional assistance. Otherwise people with hearing disabilities can’t tell where a sound is coming from. Like out on the streets and a car is coming… this gives them a visual aid as well as a hearing aid, so they don’t get hit by a car, not knowing which direction it’s coming from. If there is any feature hearing… Read more »


This has been in the works for at least 5yrs since taking over Samsung Medison and then combining it into Samsung Electronics Medical Device Division. Which was all part of their never mentioned before this acquiring of wearable chip designer in the 90’s. Yeah…. Samsung has been in the medical device related field for quite some time and by acquiring Medison, they went straight for the medical sensor and device field years ago. But this technology in this hearing aid was developed by Samsung Techwin. Who also gave them the top rated and first ever 3D/4D Ultasound and their in… Read more »


Annnnd, after absorbing what technology Samsung Techwin cooked up, Samsung sells Techwin to Hanhwa. What a piece of work.