Samsung may soon start leasing Galaxy smartphones

Over the past year or so phone leasing programs have gained quite a bit of traction with consumers in the United States. All four major carriers now also offer phones on installment plans aside from conventional service contracts while carriers such as T-Mobile have done away with two year contracts altogether. Apple hopped onboard the bandwagon as well when earlier this month it announced the iPhone Upgrade program, the program encourages consumers to purchase iPhones directly from company stores provided they sign a two year financing agreement which starts at $32 per month and allows them to purchase a new iPhone every year with AppleCare. Samsung is reportedly going to take a page out of its rival’s playbook and start leasing Galaxy smartphones soon, at least in the US.

Forbes reports that Samsung could launch its smartphone leasing program over the next few months though it’s expected that the timeline may accelerate. It’s unclear at this point in time what Samsung’s pricing scheme for this program is going to be, unlike Apple it doesn’t have just two smartphones, but presumably the leasing program might be limited to the company’s flagship handsets. Samsung has not commented on this report so there’s no outright denial, for all we know the company could seriously be looking into leasing Galaxy smartphones to consumers in the United States. Whether or not it decides to bring this program to other markets remains to be seen.



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News flash news flash Samsung is more secure than Apple

iOS 9 as been hacked any I product running ios9 can be login to without password all contacts and images can be looked at including on the cloud



In the Netherlands, it failed miserably. Mobile provider KPN and her daughter companies tried it for two years until they caved in and stopped the program.

On another note:
The heavy discounted S6 32GB (April € 699, now € 499) even has a €75 cashback now. I’ve never seen a S-series flagship drop so fast in price.


Don’t understand why Samsung devices drop in price so fast. No resale value other than giving the phones to relatives.