SmartThings launches first new product line after being acquired by Samsung

It’s no secret that Samsung wants to be a major player in the Internet of Things market and to further that aim the company acquired SmartThings last year, a company that developers open-platform smart home solutions. At IFA 2015 SmartThings has unveiled its first new product line following its acquisition by Samsung, a new SmartThings app has also been launched.

The new SmartThings Hub brings video streaming with a battery backup that lasts up to ten hours, it’s capable of running some functions locally in order to improve performance and continue operation without an internet connection. Hub retains support for Z-Wave, ZigBee and local internet connected devices, future expansion will be through the two USB ports and embedded Bluetooth support.

SmartThings app gets a new design for a more intuitive experience and easier navigation, users can directly organize and control connected devices by room, view live streams from cameras, easily set up and run routines as well as explore a marketplace of more than 200 SmartThings compatible devices. Smart Home Monitor is new to the app, it’s an integrated home monitoring solution, allowing users to receive alerts and take required action when SmartThings picks up unwanted motion or entry, leaks, smoke and fire. The new Hub paired with Smart Home Monitor and a connected camera can provide instant alerts with a video clip when such unexpected events occur, this will be a premium feature but will be available for free in beta throughout 2015. Once the free trial is over users will have to pay $4.99 per month for the premium version of Smart Things. Live streaming from a connected camera will remain free though.

The new SmartThings Hub goes on sale today for $99, compatible connected devices like motion sensors, switches and cameras start from around $30, and it’s leaning on Samsung to expand retail presence outside the United States by bringing these products to the UK as well. The new SmartThings app is available as a free download from Android and iOS starting today. Apps for the Apple Watch and Gear S will arrive in due time.


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