Some Galaxy S6 users appear to be facing issues with the camera flash

Even though Samsung’s official release date for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge is April 10 the new smartphones have already been released by few of the company’s carrier partners. This means that there are already many people out there who are using the new flagships on a daily basis. Some of those Galaxy S6 users are reporting issues with the camera flash. They say that the camera flash remains dimly lit when it’s not being used, apparently the flash remains dimly lit even when the device is turned off.

One user who is facing the same issue says that he tried to reboot the device and even turned it off but the camera flash continues to give off the faint light. He would have liked to pull the battery to confirm that this light can actually go out but obviously that’s not possible with the Galaxy S6. Another user reported the same but also mentioned that their friend’s Galaxy S6 doesn’t have this problem so clearly this isn’t a widespread issue. Since Samsung hasn’t provided an explanation it’s unclear at this point in time whether this is a hardware defect or an issue that can easily be fixed through a software update. One user does claim on XDA that Samsung is aware of the issue and has developed a fix already but so far the software update hasn’t been released. We’ll let you know when it arrives.



Thanks for the tip, Kristian!

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