Survey shows iPhone users will switch to the Galaxy S6 if it had a lower price point

A survey conducted recently by Edelman Berland reveals that some iPhone owners would switch to the Samsung Galaxy S6 if it had a lower price point. 1,050 smartphone owners aged 18 or over were polled in this survey. The survey showed that most users were loyal to their current phones. They were asked what would make them switch from their existing handset to the Galaxy S6. 26% of the respondents said that they wouldn’t switch. 22% said that they would make the switch if the Galaxy S6 was cheaper than other flagships.

The same survey shows that among iPhone owners 24% would switch to Samsung’s latest flagship if they could get it for free. 16% said they will make the switch if the Galaxy S6 was offered at a lower price point. 21% said they would switch to a Samsung-branded handset if it had a bigger battery. Larger screen size would have attracted 18% of the respondents. There were quite a few loyalists as well. 16% of the respondents said they wouldn’t switch from the iPhone come what may.



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