Samsung wants you to change the look of your Galaxy S6, S6 edge everyday, via accessories

Both, the Galaxy S6 and its edge counterpart, are some powerful pieces of kit; however, the makers of the device want to remind you of the fact that the it’s not all work and no play with the two phones. As we’ve also spoken before, Samsung wants its buyers to seriously consider its (and 3rd party) accessory offerings for the Galaxy S6, something that the company tried to highlight yet again in a blog post.

Among these, the company seemed most emphatic about the clear-view case, that when not in use reflects light, and at other times, displays information including time and weather. Could be thought of as a non-porous version of the dot view case from HTC, perhaps!

Other accessories that Samsung speaks of in the blog post include a clear rear cover, and of course, the trademark Samsung style S-view covers and flip covers. Besides the aforementioned cases and covers, Samsung also details its wireless charging pads which will be available in White and Black. Also shown off are some 3rd party cases that we talked about earlier, information about which can be had by visiting the source link below.

charger cover



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And we want Samsung to drop S6 & S6 Edge prices everyday! And that will eventually happen!


Isn’t a case suppose to protect? I guess with the crappy glass back, it’s more important to protect the back than the front?