Samsung online-exclusive accessories come worldwide in November

Samsung is never one to sit back idly, and not only works hard on new mobile devices but brings the same love of experimentation to its accessories as well. There are six new accessories for sale online in Korea that Samsung will introduce worldwide in November.

A Wireless Speaker Bottle provides 360-degree surround sound while fitting in with the drink bottles you have around your home (think soda can here) with in-built wireless charging and a motion-sensitive UX that changes color when you shake it or adjust lighting when you turn it. The wireless speaker bottle can be controlled by way of Samsung’s own Lux Manager App.

The Wireless Charger Tray is no stranger to us: we’ve seen it back when Samsung released it in Russia just a few months ago, though it hasn’t gone much beyond Russia. This charging tray lets you charge the wireless speaker bottle and smartphone at the same time. The Battery Pack Kettle design comes in 5,100mAh and 10,200mAh variations, providing the juice you need in a comfortable and functional style. Yes, the Battery Pack Kettle design features a kickstand that can prop up your phone for movies and TV shows while charging simultaneously, so you can watch and charge without compromise. You can use the Battery Pack Kettle as a lantern or lighting solution for other devices when paired with another new Samsung device, the USB LED Light.

Rounding out Samsung’s new accessories are the Wireless Speaker Scoop and the new rectangular In-Ear Headphones. The Wireless Speaker Scoop was officially FCC-certified just two months ago, and it brings a more portable Bluetooth speaker design that you can carry when leaving the Bluetooth Speaker Bottle at home. The new rectangular In-Ear Headphones provide bring high-quality audio with a fabric-and-metal design for visual style and sophisticated sound.

These six accessories will come to both worldwide as well as retail stores in early November, allowing you to expand your “Galaxy.” You can find out more information at the source link below.

wireless bluetooth bottle speaker

bluetooth bottle speaker shakeup

wireless charger tray

USB LED Light Kettle

wireless speaker scoop design

wireless speaker scoop design 2

In-Ear Headphones rectangular


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