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    Samsung working on Kies 4, should launch in Q1 2015


    Last updated: January 19th, 2015 at 11:22 UTC+01:00

    If TouchWiz, Samsung's custom overlay that is seen on all its Android devices, is often a bone of contention for consumers, it's safe to say that the company's desktop software Kies is even less popular among those who have used its phones and tablets. While Kies isn't the best PC suite for mobile devices around, it certainly has offered the usual benefits of letting users easily backup their files, access software updates, and generally manage the content on their phones or tablets. And while Google might prefer pushing users towards the cloud instead of offering an easier way to manage their devices, Samsung is pushing on with Kies and is currently working on a major new upgrade.

    That's right: Samsung is currently busy developing Kies 4. According to our insider, Kies 4 will feature a new interface, one that possibly takes after the design language that we've seen on Lollipop on the company's devices, or even the design language that we're expecting will make its debut on the Galaxy S6. We're unaware of any features being added, but it will support all devices that were supported in Kies 2 and 3. As for a launch date, version 4 of Samsung's desktop software should launch sometime in Q1 this year, suggesting that it might be released alongside the Galaxy S6, which is sure to be launched sometime before April this year (if launch time frames of previous Galaxy S flagships are anything to go by.)

    What do you think about Kies? Do you use it often, very rarely, or is it something that you never install on your PC?

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    News For You

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