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Is your Samsung using a recycled AMOLED screen?


Last updated: December 5th, 2014 at 21:18 UTC+02:00

Dirty games and internal politics are a part and parcel of any public organization. While these unethical practices may benefit the accused, it certainly has a lasting effect on the victim, be it a person or a company. Word on the street is that Samsung has been using recycled AMOLED panels on its smartphones; being the popular manufacturer that it is, the story (or rumour?) has been spreading like wildfire. The rumour cites pictures and video from a Samsung assembly line, where the company is allegedly seen using ‘recycled’ AMOLED panels. AMOLED panels are a trademark of Samsung — the company ships a majority of its phones with displays that are built on the technology.

Samsung’s side of the story: The company claims that recycled AMOLED panels are never used on new products; however, it does admit to offering customers the choice to opt for a refurbished AMOLED panel for paid warranty services, which means the customer pays a reduced price (as compared to when a new panel is used). In other words, Samsung dismissed the claims as futile.


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