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NVIDIA files suit against Samsung and Qualcomm as it looks to block U.S. Galaxy device shipments


Last updated: September 5th, 2014 at 10:09 UTC+01:00

Samsung seems to have found itself in yet another patent dispute. NVIDIA has written a detailed blog post about filing a patent lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm. The chipmaker feels that both companies have infringed its patents related to graphics chips which is why it will seek a ban on all U.S. shipments of Samsung’s Galaxy devices until the Korean juggernaut pays for patent licensing.

NVIDIA also says that initially it tried to resolve the matter out of court with Samsung directly but both companies were not able to reach a deal. The chip maker’s Chief Administrative Officer David Shannon writes that Samsung told NVIDIA that “this was mostly their suppliers’ problem.”

It claims that Samsung and Qualcomm have infringed upon seven of its patents regarding unified shading, programmable shading, multithreaded processing on GPU as well as the entire idea behind a standalone graphics processing chip, among others.

It is imperative to mention here that Qualcomm isn’t providing chips only to Samsung. Its processors, and even GPUs, are used by dozens of manufacturers around the world so this might be a long one for Qualcomm. The full copy of NVIDIA’s lawsuit can be found here.


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