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After showcasing them at Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung has officially announced Level, a lineup of premium audio products that will form part of the company’s extensive range of accessories for its mobile devices. The lineup comprises four products: Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box, each of which will provide “organic sound quality, superior comfort, portability, and style that give mobile users the best possible sound experience for their smartphone or tablet.”

Level Over is the flagship device in the new lineup, an over-ear headset that has 50mm speakers and is completely wireless thanks to NFC, Bluetooth and aptX connectivity. Its Smart Touch Control feature will make it possible to adjust the volume, play or pause music and navigate through a playlist, and it comes with dual noise cancellation mics and S Voice support. Users will also be able to download Samsung’s Level app that will offer adjustments “to fit any type of music, media, or listening environment,” along with various effects for improving the audio experience.

Level On and Level In are the mid-range and low-end versions of the Level series, both with a metallic finish, remote control, S Voice support, and clear sound thanks to the 40mm speakers on Level On, which also supports Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. Also announced by Samsung is Level Box, a premium Bluetooth speaker with a 56mm stereo speaker for high quality sound, along with noise reduction, echo cancellation and built-in microphone for clearer phone calls.

The Level series will be available for purchase from mid-May in most markets, though Samsung doesn’t say which markets will be part of the initial launch. Pricing isn’t mentioned either – earlier leaks have already revealed that the Level Over, Level On and Level In will be priced at $349, $199 and $149 respectively, but we’ll have to wait for official word from Samsung about the price of Level Box.






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