New Samsung LEVEL U Bluetooth headset launched

Samsung is making another addition today to its LEVEL headset lineup with the new Samsung LEVEL U Bluetooth headset, focusing on a premium sound experience and clear call quality this headset promises a comfortable fit in a stylish design. To improve comfort the headset is fitted with a flexible neck back and soft ear grips with built-in controls for adjusting volume, using features like play, pause or skip all with 10 hours of usage time.

The Samsung LEVEL U Bluetooth headset features two built-in microphones and 12 mm dynamic drivers to provide accurate and clear sound reproduction with deep bass and an overall balanced sound. Users can enjoy quality audio without having to deal with wires as the headset supports Bluetooth 4.1 and the Apt-X Codec. As present on board is Samsung’s noise and echo-reducing technology as well as vibration notifications to alert the user of incoming calls, missed calls, text messages and more.

Samsung LEVEL U Bluetooth headset goes on sale in the United States today for $69.99 through the company’s own website, it’s available in Black Sapphire and White colors.

samsung-level-u-headset-1 samsung-level-u-headset-2 samsung-level-u-headset-3 samsung-level-u-headset-4 samsung-level-u-headset-5


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I have purchased Samsung Level U Wireless Bluetooth headset 2 weeks ago. It is perfect working but now this headphone one right side is very low sound. Although. I checked all setting and all okay. What is defecting or wrong with it.


Ist das ein wunder das Samsung Nummer eins ist wenn appel selbst zu doof ist seine Handys selbst zu bauen