Samsung design patent reveals a tablet with a hole in it

Patent filings often reveal the quirky form factors manufacturers are working on, like a tablet with curved margins. The latest patent filing from the South Korean manufacturer features a Galaxy Tab-like tablet with a unique design twist: The device in question has a prominent hole in the bottom right corner. There is no indication as to what this might be sued for, but other than that, the tablet seems to feature fairly standard hardware. There is a camera at the back, speakers on the sides and the provision for a stylus on one of the sides, which could mean that this tablet might be offered in the Galaxy Note series.

There is no way to know whether Samsung will actually launch such a device in the near future. Do you have any theories as to the function the unique design serves? What would be a good name for the tablet? Sound off in the comments below.






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2 years 11 months ago

Somebody noticed there is also what looks like a jack audio connector on each side? It could be a DC current connector.
And another connector next to the USB connector that could be a micro HDMI. (FIG 4)
And a total of 5 things that look like buttons or card covers. Assuming there is an on/off button, a volume double button, a cover for MicroSD and a cover for SIM, there is still another button left. Maybe this is the home button since there is no physical home button in the front glass.
Also what looks like a thin slot in the middle of FIG 5
My guess is the upper side has on/off and volume. The FIG 5 side has Home and cards dual lid cover. And maybe the one in the last FIG is a docking connector?
What puzzles me is the hole. Maybe this tablet is intended to be located in public places so it can be secured with a steel cord?

3 years 13 days ago

And the device will be named:

1) Samsung Galaxy Hole
2) Galaxy Black Hole
3) Galaxy for people who like holes”

3 years 14 days ago

Put a string through the hole?

3 years 14 days ago

galaxy tab hole

3 years 14 days ago

“There is no indication as to what this might be sued for”
Yeah. Apple will sue this product also.

3 years 14 days ago

Not sure why Samsung would want to patent the design of the Nook HD+ ? Maybe they want to sue Barnes and Noble?

3 years 14 days ago

Lock hole?