April Fools’ Day special: Meet the Samsung Fingers wearable glove

April Fools’ Day has officially kicked off, and Samsung is doing its part by announcing a new wearable product that would have taken the world by storm on a normal day. Meet the Samsung Fingers, a wearable hand glove that comes with advanced technology and can be the perfect companion to your smartphone. It has a 3-inch flexible 4K Super Emo-LCD display, a 16-megapixel camera, and even 5G network support – if you think that hardware will take its toll on the battery life, don’t fret, as you can charge Fingers by simply raising your hand towards the Sun, a feature that will hopefully make it to smartphones some day.

Oh, and if you’re someone who desires “to be alone in his or her surroundings,” you can even perform the appropriate gesture to “reproduce the sound of flatulence” (fart) that should have people around you running for safety. There are some other gestures as well, and overall it’s quite a good April Fools prank that dips its toes into the fantastical while never allowing you actually believe that any of it is real.

So, anyone interested in Samsung Fingers?



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3 years 24 days ago

even better joke is promised 4.2 or 4.3 update for i8190

3 years 24 days ago

the best joke is a kit kat on the i9300 – not only on 1s April, but all the time :)

3 years 25 days ago

it is possible next year for 1 April

Samsung Magazine
3 years 25 days ago

In our country, Samsung fooled us by introducing the new Galaxy Spoon.

3 years 25 days ago

Ah ah ah ah !!! April 1st ! LOL !!

3 years 25 days ago

Solar power charger for the next GALAXY? Why not? :)