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Samsung is taking its mini smartphone tradition to its cameras with the NX mini, images of which have leaked online along with details on its camera specifications. The NX mini looks considerably smaller than the NX1000 and NX2000 cameras as would befit the mini tag, and while there’s no official info yet, the NX mini could be based on Samsung’s open-source OS Tizen, like the NX300M mirrorless camera launched last year. It seems to be missing the rotary dial on top that allowed for switching between various switching modes, but according to leaked sales slides, Samsung will offer changeable mirrorless lens kits with different specifications with its newest NX camera as well.

These lenses will differ in specs (such as aperture size, zoom capability, etc.), and the base model of the NX mini (with a 9mm F3.5 lens) will retail for €499 (you can see details of the different lens kits in the images below.) A 2,330 mAh battery allow for up to 682 photos on a single charge, and like previous NX cameras, the NX mini sports optical image stabilization. The camera will also be accompanied by various accessories, including an extra battery, lens and camera carrying cases, and hand straps.

The NX mini should be officially announced tomorrow, according to a teaser posted by Samsung Russia, and go on sale sometime in April.

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Thought it was the Galaxy S5 ‘ZOOM’ for a minute! Nevermind.