Samsung lead smartphone sales in China in 2013

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With a plethora of smartphones at every price point, Samsung is currently the largest smartphone vendor in the world. However, it’s a tough time for even a company as big as Samsung in China, a market where countless local manufacturers offer smartphones at an attractive price-vs-value ratio. But, according to Digitimes, Samsung managed to hold on to the top position in the country once again, becoming the number one handset vendor in 2013.

Apple, Samsung’s biggest competitor, came in fifth, mostly due to a lack of any devices in the low-end and mid-range market (which will continue to be the case for the Cupertino company). Local manufacturers Lenovo, Huawei and Coolpad took positions two to four; while smartphones sales grew by 21.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, the growth rate dropped to 15.9 percent compared to 2012. This is a good sign that the smartphone market is reaching saturation, but hopefully Samsung will be able to keep its solid footing through mid-range offerings like the Galaxy Mega Plus and the upcoming flagship Galaxy S5.

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