Galaxy Note 3 Neo won’t be launched in the US and UK

We’re still waiting for the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which could take place on January 27th, but those in the US and UK can forego all plans to get one anyway, at least officially from a carrier or local retailer, as Samsung has confirmed to various publications that the Note 3 Neo won’t be launching in the U.S. and UK. Well, we’re not sure about the UK – our insider suggests it will be launching in the UK, but for now we’ll just have to go along with the possibility that it might not reach that market in the end.

As for the U.S.., there’s no telling why Samsung isn’t including it in the Galaxy Note 3 Neo’s target markets. If we were to guess, it’s probably because those in the U.S. can already get smartphones at a cheaper price than other nations through contracts (well, at least in case of up-front payment), which would make the Galaxy Note 3 Neo a redundant device, considering it’s being targeted at those who don’t want to spend too much on a Galaxy Note 3 but are unwilling to go as low as last year’s Galaxy Note II. Of course, those in the U.S. and UK will still be able to get one if they desire, though they’ll obviously have to pay full price and, if needed, get it imported from overseas.

To recap, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo will sport a 5.55″ 720p Super AMOLED display, 1.7GHz hexa-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage and a microSD slot, a 3,100 mAh battery, LTE connectivity, and Android 4.3, with S Pen features from the Note 3 such as Air Command Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window, S Note, Multi Window, new Easy Clip, and Direct Pen Input.

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Could you please let me know when is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo a.k.a Lite is coming to India & at what price?

Just can’t afford to buy SGN3 at such a premium price & thus expecting that Samsung releases it’s younger brother with a market competitive price keeping in mind. Keeping my fingers crossed till then.

Just waiting to hear the announcement & catch the glimpse of the same.

Thanks a lot
Amit Dalal

prateek pandey
prateek pandey

Note 3 Neo should be available in India within month of announcement and it does not differ much from the Note 2 except for the branding so you might just want to take a look at Note 2 as well.


The processor in the Neo is said to be much faster than that of Note II(also faster than S4) as we saw in a few benchmarks.