Android 4.3 update arrives on the Galaxy S III in the UK

Update: Looks like the update is causing a few issues, so it would be a good idea to read this and refrain from updating for the time being.

It’s been a painfully long wait for the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III owners, and while the update began rolling out for the S III a few days ago, it was only for Vodafone and other operated branded variants of the handset in different regions. Now, the update is making its way to unlocked and unbranded Galaxy S IIIs in the UK, which means it should begin rolling out to devices all around the world in the coming days.


- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- ANT+ Support
- Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
- New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
- New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
- Daydream
- Driving mode
- Actionable notifications
- Move-to-SD-card feature
- New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
- New Additions in Notification Centre
- Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
- Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
- New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
- Full screen Samsung apps
- New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)
- Found more? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Once the update is available for your device, you’ll get a notification for it, and since the update is quite a major one, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended. You can also update through Kies, or by downloading the firmware for your region from our firmware section.

UK Firmware info:

  • Model: GT-I9300
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Version: Android 4.3
  • Changelist: 1902166
  • Build date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 03:29:22 +0000
  • Product Code: BTU
  • PDA: I9300XXUGMJ9
  • CSC: I9300OXAGMJ9

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9 months 4 days ago


3 years 4 months ago

Is there anyway to downgrade? I updated to 4.3 and now my keyboard doesn’t work anymore. I did factory reset and yet my keyboard doesn’t work at all! :((((

3 years 4 months ago

Hi try china kenel from xda

3 years 5 months ago

anyboby try china version.. any bug or any problem .thanks

3 years 5 months ago

When 4.3 come to Brazil?

3 years 5 months ago

This update have a KNOX?

After I flash this update I’ll can flash a 4.1.2 version?

3 years 5 months ago

Install go locker to solve the lockscreen delay and phone call answer delay. Just configure the go locker and download it on google play. This is the only way to solve the bigest issue.

Stefan Mancevski
3 years 5 months ago

Please Help,
Can you tell me what version(coutry) of andorid 4.3 can i manually install on my Samsung Galaxy S4. As i see this OS is from Iran and i live in Macedonia Europe, The device is not rooted and Kies tell me that software updates cant be done by Kies.
Ty in advanced
Product Code: GT-I9500ZKATHR
Phone :I9500XXUBMG9

3 years 5 months ago

Your Device’s PDA is UK brand as (it start’s with XX***) The BTU firmwear will be best suitable for you. Download firmwear from SAMMOBILE and flash manually with ODIN. “FLASH PDA FILE”. But thing is you might notice that your CSC will get changes after flashing BTU varient from BTU to KOR(Korean) varient. I think thats fine don’t you. Always Stay with BTU. Will get regular updates as well hope this would help.
And if you want to then manually change CSC. Post question here again I will help.. (y)

3 years 5 months ago

I am having the same problems with my wife’s S3, build XXUGMJ9. I received the update yesterday, and I am experiencing all the problems, lagging, battery drain. In 8-9 hours battery went down from 100% to 15% with the highest consumer Android OS 53%!! But the worst thing isn’t battery drain, is being unable to answer when I receive a call during phone standby!! The phone is ringing, but the screen stays off or it flickers as if is trying to wake up, and you CAN’T answer at all!!! This is unacceptable. Hope someone from Samsung reads this and takes action ASAP…

3 years 5 months ago

how i can install this firmware?

3 years 5 months ago

I’m having the same issue after upgrading (via ODIN) v4.3 Irish version from leaked sammobile v4.2.2. I’ve had a very buggy experience and would urge people not to install it. Laggy, unresponsive and resource intensive user experience. After a factory reset, things got abit better, but music would stutter and freeze. Wake up from lock screen improved a lot. This cannot be official although labelled it. I will go back to leaked v4.2.2 which has very little to no hassles aside from start-up screen being in another language.

3 years 5 months ago

UK version comes with the outdated kernel or the 3.4?

3 years 5 months ago

3.0.31 unfortunately.

But I might addd that I installed the Irish release, and in comparison, the BTU UK seems to be a lot better. Less bloatware, the lockscreen lag seems to have reduced to something equal to the 4.1.2 I was using. Up until now, no freezes, no call answering bullshit, battery drain is still a little higher than 4.1.2 but lower than the Vodafone counterpart.

3 years 5 months ago


3 years 5 months ago

Has anyone tried the korean version with build date 0f 7th nov for the international version of S3…?????…DOES IT HAVE THE BATTERY PROBLEM LIKE THE OTHER FIRMWARES..?

3 years 5 months ago

I can’t enable multiple Widgets or light effect on lock screen in this update. Any solution?


3 years 5 months ago

Still no 4.3 update for the S3 LTE i9305?

I wonder why its taking so long!

3 years 5 months ago

Samsung has pulled the update to 4.3 to fix the issues experienced by all those who upgraded. Let’s hope they just work on 4.4 and give us that instead of messing around with the out of date 4.3.

If Samsung doesn’t improve, my next phone will be an iPhone.

3 years 5 months ago

Aren’t we all getting a bit tired of Samsung. It might be a good time to try a different manufacturer. Maybe LG, maybe something else.

It is still the Galaxy S3, which is one of the best mobile devices. Might as well wait for 2014, to watch which new flagship devices will come.

3 years 5 months ago

Received this update on UK (no network) GS3 via OTA on Monday morning. Big problems to begin with, with Wifi instability and notifications for completed downloads that wouldn’t go away. These were the obvious ones. Eventually had to factory reset which seems to have cured most issues.
Battery life was still getting zapped. BUT let’s not blame Samsung just yet. It looks to me like Google Calendar is updated for 4.3 and that is crunching the battery with a never ending sync process. I’ve just uninstalled it and can see already the battery charge curve is flattening. I’d say it’s now better than 4.1.2.
The only other annoyance is the 2 second lag to show the lock screen from sleep, and Chrome seems to want to sign-in every few hours. Otherwise it’s more featured and smoother than 4.1.2.
We know why they rushed this out, not to get you to upgrade, but to give the most people reason to consider putting Gear on their Christmas list.
The good thing about a factory reset is that you can reinstall Apps as you need them and see which ones are killing the memory, storage or battery.

3 years 5 months ago

Buddy, just installed 4.3 BTU UK and I don’t have Google Calendar installed. Rom seems to run fine and the lockscreen lag I experienced with the VDI (Ireland) release is gone or very minor. Furthermore, battery drain feels lower on this version of the firmware, but still greater than 4.1.2.

Have you discovered some more pointers to share with us concerning mostly the battery performance? Thanks!

3 years 5 months ago

this mean 100% official firmware and all issue is official by Samsung… is this the pay back from Samsung I bought this high price phone and used for around 1 year?

3 years 5 months ago

When cmes the update for my galaxy S2 (I9100)?

I hope my divice gets the update otherwise 4.2.2 or even better strait away to Kitkat 4.4

3 years 5 months ago

By now your device must have been updated, please check and confirm. We had pushed 4.5 to your Device.

3 years 5 months ago

Hahaha, i laughing my ass off htcdesire2!!!!!

3 years 5 months ago

And i think is simple for Samsung. They put out bugg update becouse wan’t us to buy Galaxy s4.

3 years 5 months ago

This is not an update this is real mistake from Samsung. Only the Galaxy s3 LTE South Korea got an full update to 4.3 with all changes and improvements. This is the same situation like it was with SGS2. Not good from Samsung !!!

sherif hanafy
3 years 5 months ago

when the S3 will be updated in Egypt …?

3 years 5 months ago


3 years 5 months ago

is the weather widget the old one from 4.1.2 or a new one because the old one with the new lock screen clock on the Note 2 looks like a disaster design
on 4.1.2 lock screen clock is the same as the weather clock widget its just not good with 4.3

3 years 5 months ago

what the problem to our phone now?? what happen to 4.3 firmware?? what Samsung doing now?? is that all released mark ‘OFFICIAL’ mean real official firmware??? which one is real which one is fake?? when? how? what? where? har????

3 years 5 months ago

What the hell about SAMSUNG………is this 4.3 update official or what guys! !?????
Battery drain, freezing lock screen, suddenly rebooting……and there’s other ssuck bugs. …..
Is SAMSUNG try to kidding us or what….??!!!!
I can’t believe how a big company like Samsung rolling out like this update without test it……..??!

3 years 5 months ago

Official means official… some people reported that they received the update via OTA. I really can’t understand how Samsung could release this buggy firmware. It’s like they didn’t even tested it.

3 years 5 months ago

Yes UK version is the same as previous 4.3 versions….but has ny1 tried china has release date of 4th nov, 2013.

3 years 5 months ago

I tried….It is bug free … but has lot of bloatware and google play did not work well !

China version seems more polish to me than of UK

3 years 5 months ago

Learn English?? JK :)

3 years 5 months ago

Thts UK nd not JK :P

3 years 5 months ago

Get ur Eye Checked :D

3 years 5 months ago

I am tired of waiting official4.3 for NOTE2

3 years 5 months ago

you must wait a few weeks :))