Samsung users spend 14% more time using apps than other brands’ users

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Samsung dominates Android, and in the eyes of many, is Android. Of course, that’s something we all know, and a study by analytic firm Flurry that took into account 45,340 Android devices in May has reaffirmed Samsung’s supreme reign on the Android world. In the 88 percent phones and 12 percent tablets included in the study, 55 percent of the former were Samsung’s, as were 42 percent of the latter.

According to Flurry, there are almost 299.9 million Samsung-branded Android handsets in the world, while almost 29 million tablets in use around the world are Samsung’s as well. That’s a lot of devices any way you look at it, and Flurry believes the Korean manufacturer attracts a unique audience that sees a variety of personas.


Even more interesting is Samsung’s similarities to Apple in a couple of regards. First and foremost, it was found that Samsung phone users spend 14 percent more time using apps than users of other brands’ phones, a privilege Apple enjoys pretty strongly (iOS users are found to use and download apps more often). Secondly, most Samsung users are in the category that advertisers usually target, which is another trait they share with iOS users.

It’s an interesting look at where Samsung stands in the scheme of things, so go ahead and hit the source link to get all the details on the study.


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4 years 5 months ago

…and samsung spends 90 percent of its time to flood the market with low-end devices, instead of updating their high-end devices, such as Note II and Galaxy S III.. GJ Samsung.

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Lead on Samsung!