Samsung patents curved display designed smartphone and next gen Galaxy camera

Samsung is going to bring new shaped products to the market. According to patentbolt Samsung tried to get patents on a flexible display and on some new design points. As you may notice below is one of the patents a device with a curved display. The good thing is this smartphone doesn’t use any home button which means we might see Samsung products in the future without home button, something really good. The second photo is a detail of Samsung’s Flexible OLED panel. Samsung isn’t the only OEM with flexible OLED displays. Korean giant LG want to come with their own OLED displays.

The last patent picture that showed up could be the Galaxy Zoom. Ah Galaxy Camera with call functions like every normal Galaxy product.

What do you think are patents smart?

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the galaxy s4 is my last Samsung phone, after all these variants i can only say that i am disappointed… bye Samsung, it was good while it last…


Will there be a battery that is suitable for it?