Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK

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Apple has suffered another blow in the United Kingdom after the Court of Appeals ordered the iPhone maker to pay Samsung’s legal expenses incurred in the lawsuit. The court orderd to pay on an indemnity basis after Apple released a statement that the court found “untrue and incorrect.”

Apple was asked to publish an apology on their website stating Samsung Galaxy Tabs didn’t infringe Apple iPad patents but Apple spun a reworded version that also accused Samsung for infringing in the US.
Apple later modified the statement with a new one sans the accusation.


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5 years 2 months ago


Its not really a problem tbh cause Apple hasn’t innovated anything since 1972 … Stealing ideas and patenting them isn’t innovation and is definitely not hampering moving forward.

If Apple did not exist at all then technology would have still been where we are today. We would still have Google innovating in Glass tech and we would still have LED tv’s and a rover on Mars.

5 years 2 months ago

People don’t really care about this childish tit for tat bullshit, All this does is stop technical progress and innovation from which the end user will lose out.