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Samsung has plans to use more S-PEN functions in their new windows 8 tablets and maybe in the future also in their new Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Samsung introduced the S-PEN couple of years ago. The S-PEN by Samsung are specially for the Galaxy Note series. Since the S-PEN is a success Samsung decides to use the S-PEN also in their new Windows 8 products.
Samsung start using the S-PEN in the ATIV smart PC.

Request at one of the insiders of SamMobile could confirm that Samsung will use S-PEN features in new upcoming Windows 8 products.
Insider could not confirm when we will see the first devices… So after the GALAXY Note series there is also ATIV Note series upcoming…

Below on demonstration video of the S-PEN in action on using the ATIV Smart PC.


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5 years 2 months ago

Hopefully Samsung can bring back rollover @ mouse over function tablet world with S-Pen like Note 10.1 and Note II.