Sprint’s 5G network will be powered by Samsung

Sprint is also going to power up its next-generation 5G network in the United States next year and much like its rivals, it’s also going to source the required network equipment from Samsung. The carrier’s purchase of 5G-ready massive MIMO solutions was confirmed by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress. The deal includes deployment of Samsung’s latest MIMO technology on Sprint’s 2.5GHz TDD-LTE network.

Sprint has announced that it’s going to deploy the 5G-ready massive MIMO technology in the next few weeks. It will be an important milestone for the carrier as it gears up to launch its 5G network in the United States next year.

Sprint deploying Samsung’s 5G-ready massive MIMO solutions

This announcement didn’t just come out of the blue. Samsung and Sprint actually tested the massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology on the 2.5GHz spectrum in South Korea last year. It was said at that time that the hardware would enable Sprint to “dramatically boost” its LTE Plus capacity and coverage.

The equipment that it’s sourcing from Samsung will allow Sprint to add new capacity into its network without having to buy more spectrum or even add new base stations. Samsung says that massive MIMO also lets carriers increase LTE network speeds significantly.

Sprint’s massive MIMO implementation include the Samsung CDU 30, it’s the company’s new higher capacity digital unit and software which enables gigabit level speeds. Split-mode capabilities are also onboard which will allow Sprint to offer both 4G LTE and 5G networks on the same radio.

Samsung’s 5G ambitions aren’t just limited to supplying network equipment to carriers. The company recently conducted a live video call demonstration during a major sporting event in the United States which involved a prototype of its 5G tablet.

The company is believed to have revealed its Exynos 5G modem to partners at CES 2018 in January while the CEO of one of South Korea’s largest mobile carriers has revealed that Samsung’s first 5G smartphone will be out in the not too distant future.

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