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Samsung phones comparison: Use our easy tool to compare all devices


Last updated: October 12th, 2020 at 15:00 UTC+02:00

You may feel the need to compare Samsung Galaxy phones often, given the sheer number of devices that the company releases every year. Some models only have minor differences and you need to understand them before deciding which phone to buy.

SamMobile has a powerful Samsung phones comparison tool that lets you compare Samsung phones side by side. In addition to phones, our devices database also includes almost all Samsung tablets and smartwatches that can also be compared with this tool. For example, if you wanted to look at the differences between the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S5, you can do that.

Compare Samsung phones side by side with SamMobile’s tool

Click here to access our device comparison tool. You’ll be presented with a list of popular devices to compare. The most popular comparison pairings are also prominently displayed. This makes it easy to find pairs of trending and newly launched devices.

You can also manually type the names of the devices that you want to look at. Our Samsung phones comparison tool allows you to compare up to four devices at the same time. Just type in the name of the device you’re interested in and wait a second for the list to appear. Select the device and repeat for up to four times.

Our devices database contains all of the information about Samsung devices that you may ever need. The detailed comparison of devices will include information about the specs like display, processor, storage, RAM, battery, charging speeds, cameras as well as software details. Exact device dimensions, weights, IP ratings, available colors, number of SIM card slots, external memory support and more are also shown.

When you compare Galaxy phones with our tool you get to look at the entire picture. You can find out all the memory and storage configurations available for a model, the exact camera technical specs like aperture, the field of view and even pixel size. This will help make the purchase decision easier for you.

If you still find yourself being on the fence about the newest Samsung phone, you can always check out our device reviews for an honest and independent assessment of Samsung’s mobile devices.

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