Your Samsung phone gets a Google Photos Locked Folder for those spicy pics soon


Last updated: September 24th, 2021 at 11:14 UTC+02:00

Ever have that growing feeling of dread when someone’s scrolling through the photos on your phone? Perhaps you were showing them something and they took that as an invitation to keep scrolling. Next thing you know they’ve come across a picture of the spicy kind.

It’s a more common occurrence than you’d think. There should be a simpler way of keeping photos and videos on the device that you’d rather not want anybody else to see. That’s exactly what’s coming to a Samsung phone near you.

Google Photos can now do what Secure Folder has done all along

Google Photos is one of the many Google apps that come pre-installed on every Android phone. You’ll find it on your Samsung device as well. While most people tend to use Samsung’s own Gallery app, many rely on Google Photos due to the additional features that it provides.

Google announced in May this year that it’s bringing a Locked Folder feature to Google Photos. It does exactly what the name suggests. Users get a secure folder inside Google Photos that’s protected with a passcode or biometrics like a fingerprint.

So even if someone has taken the liberty of scrolling through all of your photos and videos, they won’t see what’s inside the Locked Folder. The media that’s locked in this folder won’t show up even when you scroll through other apps on the phone. Nothing that’s stored in the Locked Folder is backed up to the cloud.

The company had previously made this feature exclusive to its Pixel phones only. It has now been confirmed that the Google Photos Locked Folder will be rolling out to other Android devices soon. Expect it to become available on your Samsung phone in the near future.

There’s an even simpler way. You could just move them to Samsung’s very own Secure Folder. It’s a locked enclave on your device that’s completely shut off from the system. Any media stored in Secure Folder also doesn’t show up when scrolling through other apps.

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