Samsung starts mass producing industry’s first 2nd-generation 10nm DRAM

Samsung’s semiconductor business, which includes SSDs, mobile processors, DRAM, image sensors etc., has been performing exceptionally well both in terms of sales and innovation. It looks like the trend is not going to change anytime soon with Samsung doubling down on its efforts.

After launching its first 10nm-class based DRAM product in February 2016, Samsung has announced today the mass production of the industry’s first 2nd-generation 10-nm class 8 Gb DDR4 DRAM. Samsung says its new 8Gb DDR4 offers the highest performance, energy efficiency and smallest dimensions for an 8Gb DRAM chip. These chips will be used in a wide range of next-generation computing systems.

Performance and efficiency gains up to 15 percent

According to Samsung, the new DRAM offers approximately 30 percent productivity gain, 10 percent improvement in performance, and 15 percent improvement in energy efficiency over the company’s previous 10nm 8Gb DDR4 DRAM. Samsung attributes these improvements to the “use of an advanced, proprietary circuit design technology”.

Samsung says it has finished validating its latest 10nm-class DDR4 modules with CPU manufacturers, and next plans to work with OEMs to bring them to the market. Apart from rapidly increasing the production volume of the 2nd-gen 10nm-class DRAM, Samsung also plans to manufacture more of its mainstream 1st-gen 10nm-class DRAM.

With the advancements in its 10nm process, Samsung is also planning to speed-up the introduction of its next-generation DRAM chips for use in enterprise servers, mobile devices, supercomputers, HPC systems and high-speed graphics cards.


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Martin DAYI
Martin DAYI

I want Samsung to challange Intel soon in computer CPUs.


Why not bring it to the note 9 if possible