Samsung launches an integrated research organization for future innovation

Samsung today announced that it has reorganized its Software R&D center and Digital Media & Communications R&D center into a new entity called Samsung Research. This new entity is going to function as an integrated research and development organization for Samsung’s IT and Mobile business as well as its Consumer Electronics business.

Samsung Research is a global entity and it’s going to operate 22 research and development centers across the globe with a staff of 20,000. It’s going to lead future innovation efforts for the company. It will also explore and create new business possibilities.

Chasing leadership in future innovation

Samsung says that it’s doing this to ensure that Samsung continues to lead the industry conversation in key areas of future innovation. Samsung Research will prioritize the maturation and advancement of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies.

Hyun-suk Kim, the president and head of Samsung Research, detailed the vision of this new entity at a recent event. He emphasized to the staff that they will play a vital role in ensuring that Samsung Research achieves its goal to “shape the future with innovation and intelligence.”

“Starting now, Samsung Research will drive the most advanced technological leadership and innovation based on AI technologies to realize the future that everyone dreams of, with the most talented people in the world,” he said.

The entity will instill a development culture where the staff encourages one another in creativity as well as participate in the development process.


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