Samsung Blu-ray players have stopped working for many

Hundreds of users have started complaining that their Samsung Blu-ray player is not working anymore. Some users say that their Blu-ray player is on an endless reboot loop when they’re switched on, while others report that they hear buzzing noise from their players. However, no one seems to know the reason for failure.

Samsung’s Blu-ray players have reportedly started malfunctioning since Friday. The devices are either stuck in a reboot loop or stopped responding to pressing buttons. Some users have reported that they can hear a buzzing noise from the player as if it is trying to read a disk. However, there’s no disk in the player, leading them to believe that it could be an issue with the hardware.

These problems are not limited to a particular model from Samsung, which means that it could be a software-related issue. Some users say that the problem could’ve been originated with a new firmware update, but brands don’t usually release regular firmware updates to Blu-ray players, and that too for all the models on a single weekend.

The South Korean firm’s support staff seems to have no idea about the problem’s reason either, and they are claiming that the company is investigating the issue. The folks over at ZDNet claim that the problem could be related to an expired SSL certificate. These certificates are used by Blu-ray players to connect to Samsung’s servers via HTTPS, and a lapsed validity period would stop them from doing so.

With the rise of internet video streaming through apps like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and others, people have stopped purchasing Blu-ray players. Samsung has even stopped launching new Blu-ray players, at least in the US. This is not the first time Samsung’s devices have ruined people’s weekend plans. The Disney+ app on some smart TVs from the company is still broken.

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