Galaxy A50 to get monthly security updates along with the Galaxy Fold

Samsung has updated its Android security update schedule to include the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy A50, and the Galaxy Xcover 4s in the monthly category. The Galaxy Xcover 4s is the surprising addition here, as it’s the first Xcover smartphone to get the privilege of monthly security updates. Regular security updates for the Galaxy Fold are a no-brainer; the Galaxy A50 is unique in that it has received a security update every month despite having been in the quarterly schedule since launch, so Samsung is pretty much making the monthly schedule official for the device to match the actual update frequency.

The Galaxy A50 is perhaps the most successful of the Galaxy A series phones Samsung has flooded the market with this year, and it looks like that may be the reason behind the company’s impressive support for the device. Previous A series devices that have been in the monthly security update schedule include the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A8 (2018) – in fact, both devices are still scheduled to get monthly updates along with older flagship phones like the Galaxy S8. Of course, that doesn’t mean an update actually comes out for these phones every month, but they are officially expected to do so.

And now, the Galaxy A50, Galaxy Xcover 4s, and the Galaxy Fold have joined the list. It remains to be seen how long the two mid-range phones will stay in the monthly schedule, but as of this moment, owners of these devices get the same privilege as owners of Samsung’s flagship devices — including the $2000 Galaxy Fold — as far as security updates are concerned.

a50 galaxy fold security update schedule

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