Buyer beware: Verizon’s Galaxy S20 5G doesn’t have a microSD slot

The 5G variant of the smallest Galaxy S20 model came a few months late to Verizon’s network, because its compact (by today’s standards) body didn’t have enough space for the antenna bands necessary for mmWave 5G support. Since Verizon is exclusively using mmWave 5G to offer higher data speeds, the carrier worked with Samsung to create a custom Galaxy S20 5G model that incorporates additional antenna bands, but it turns out the support for high-speed 5G comes at a considerable cost.

No expandable storage, ‘only’ 8GB of RAM

The Galaxy S20 5G that Verizon is selling — called Galaxy S20 5G UW — does not have a microSD slot. You read that right: If you buy this particular version of Samsung’s 2020 flagship, you will be unable to expand storage with a microSD card once the internal storage runs out. To make things worse, the device is only available in a 128GB configuration. Neither Samsung nor Verizon is being very clear about the lack of expandable storage, which means quite a few folks realized the fact after buying the phone.

And that’s not all. While all three Galaxy S20 models come with 12GB of RAM as standard on the 5G variants, the Galaxy S20 5G on Verizon comes with only 8GB of RAM. Granted, that shouldn’t be as much of an issue as the inability to add extra storage for most people, but it’s still a factor you should consider if you’ve been meaning to buy the smallest Galaxy S20 model from Verizon.

Have you purchased the Galaxy S20 5G from Verizon? Are you bothered by the lack of expandable storage, or is 128 gigs of storage enough for your needs? Let us know down in the comments!

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