Samsung is trying to become a 5G chipset supplier for Chinese OEMs

Samsung has reportedly supplied two of China’s biggest smartphone OEMs with 5G chipsets for testing purposes. Both OPPO and Vivo are said to have received sample units from Samsung, anticipating that Qualcomm and MediaTek alone won’t be able to meet their 5G demands in 2020.

Interestingly, Huawei wasn’t mentioned alongside Qualcomm and MediaTek. This could mean that even Chinese OEMs might be starting to shy away from using the company’s 5G solutions, out of fear of not being able to sell their smartphones overseas. Huawei has been banned by the United States and its reputation took a hit as a result. Meanwhile, Samsung has pounced on the opportunity and continues to win more ground in the 5G race.

In light of this recent report, it’s possible that the Exynos Modem 5100, Exynos RF 5500, and Exynos SM 5800 chips will become more prevalent next year. These solutions could be employed by an increasing number of smartphone manufacturers from China, where Samsung doesn’t have a lot of market influence. Of course, it all depends on what Samsung’s potential clients will determine after testing the company’s 5G solution for themselves.

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