Samsung Pay now works on the New York City mass transit system

New Yorkers will finally be able to use Samsung Pay to pay for their subway and bus rides using the mobile payments service. The company has confirmed that Samsung Pay supports the New York MTA’s new OMNY or One Metro New York contactless fare payment system.

What that means is that commuters will be able to breeze through turnstiles with Samsung Pay. However, OMNY is currently available on select routes and stations right now. It will surely expand down the road.

Samsung Pay makes navigating NYC’s public transport a breeze

The New York mass transit system’s new OMNY payment system doesn’t just enable mobile payments for Samsung Pay. The same privilege is also extended to rival services like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Even Fitbit’s service supports it. This isn’t unique to Samsung Pay but it’s good to know that Samsung’s mobile payment service is getting support at the same time as the others.

It eliminates the need for New Yorkers to carry around a MetroCard or to wait in line to buy a new card when they find out that they forget it at home. They can just use Samsung Pay at the turnstile or the bus terminal to pay. The fare remains the same. This will work on all Samsung Pay enabled phones (Galaxy S6 and up) as well as wearable devices like the Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Fit 2, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active.

Commuters should bear in mind that OMNY is only available on the 4, 5 and 6 stations between Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center and Grand Central right now in addition to Staten Island buses.

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“Gear Fit 2”

This device don’t support Samsung Pay !