Is this Samsung’s foldable smartphone?

The Galaxy S10 has been thoroughly leaked but the same can’t be said for the so-called Galaxy Fold. There haven’t been that many leaks for Samsung’s foldable smartphone and that might be changing today. A couple of images have surfaced online which claim to show off the foldable smartphone.

It’s not immediately clear if these are fan renders or official renders of the device. The device in these images is in line with the expectations for the Galaxy Fold’s design. It’s going to fold out in a book-like fashion.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone likely being unveiled today

The first image shows the Galaxy Fold being folded out to reveal the larger internal display. Samsung confirmed at SDC 2018 that it will have a 7.3-inch display on the inside. There’s going to be a 4.6-inch external display for use when the device isn’t folded out. The internal display will have a 1536×2152 pixel resolution.

The second image shows the device being folded open like a book. We can also see a couple of cameras up top with a rather sharp cut in the display border to accommodate the shooters. Samsung didn’t show this off during SDC so it can’t be said for sure right now whether or not this is what the inside of the Galaxy Fold will look like.

We will potentially get all of the official details later today. Samsung’s first Unpacked event of the year takes place in San Francisco today. It’s also expected to unveil the Galaxy Fold at this event. Samsung has been teasing the foldable smartphone’s launch at the Galaxy S10 event for a few weeks now.

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    • See it like making skype calls and the possibilities to keep working or checking the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Oh man :/

    Why must Samsung ruin the design like that, front facing cameras are so overrated they're willing to notch the f*** out of the display to add two front cameras. The secondary display already has a front camera that is more than enough for the once in a week selfie/video call :/

    I honestly had high hopes for the Galaxy Fold.

      • Adding two front facing cameras doesn't mean they're limited by anything, it's a choice and it's definitely the wrong one. As I said, front facing cameras are overrated, especially on a device that isn't targeting teenagers who take a ton of selfies.

        • Samsung said themselves it is targeted at business men in their 40's.
          And they do alot of conference calling so they need a front camera...

  • Sorry but I'm very dissapointed with the design. The S10 series and the much waited foldable phone are perfect until the design ruined it

  • The screen resolution is apparently lower than I would've expected, especially considering my current phone, the Note 8 comes with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. Hopefully the MWC presentation will hopefully shed a little more light on this. I'm hoping for no notches and a higher res screen, I will probably make the purchase, failing that, I'll be waiting for the Note 10 to land.

  • Kinda like the design. Display seems to lay down a little deeper. Makes sense for scratches.

    Today a new smartphone category will born. I remember the disagreement about the first Note device from Samsung.

    We have to give it a chance :)

    • agree this maybe the beginning of the new category of phones and might be the stepping stone to the future.

      give it 2 or 3 iterations when they get better technology in terms of making it thinner, bigger and better battery. This could be the killer that ends the tablet once in for all and in 4 years time that all smart phones will be a fold.

      like when the note was release, a lot of people was skeptical on why there is a need for a 5.3inch screen and now 8 years on the phones are getting bigger and bigger.

  • Looks interesting, I already planned on getting the S10+
    But I may get this after years ^^

  • We have to see.... that cut out maybe work.... I guess that it ended looking like a folio spreadsheet