Samsung Pay Framework causing massive battery drainage

Samsung Pay Framework, an app that works in the background to provide Samsung Pay with additional functions, is reportedly causing massive battery drainage issues. A number of users have taken to online forums to voice their problems, while trying to look for a solution.

Samsung is yet to acknowledge the problem.

Samsung Pay Framework battery drainage issue

Complaints about Samsung Pay Framework draining battery rapidly date back to August last year. But it seems the issue is hitting more users now, with some claiming battery usage as high as 60%. While force stopping the app should have been the straightforward workaround, disabling battery optimization is what has ironically worked for some.

This could be because of some conflicting behavior between Samsung’s battery optimization logic and Samsung Pay Framework’s own built-in attempts to keep itself running, as speculated by Redditor honestbleeps. A software update from Samsung should be enough to return battery consumption to normal. Hopefully, the company is looking into it and will get around to fixing this soon.

Is Samsung Pay Framework on your Galaxy smartphone also draining battery more rapidly than it’s supposed to? You can try force stopping the app for now and wait for Samsung to address the issue officially. If that doesn’t work, try disabling battery optimization by going to Settings » Apps » Samsung Pay Framework » Battery. Don’t forget to tell us if either of these temporary solutions worked for you.


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