Samsung Galaxy A8s price confirmed, launches December 31 in China

Two weeks after unveiling its first smartphone with an Infinity-O display, Samsung today confirmed the Galaxy A8s price. The handset is only going to be launched in China initially. It remains to be seen if Samsung plans on releasing it in other markets across the globe.

It’s not a flagship device by any stretch of the imagination. Samsung has competitively priced it so as to appeal to Chinese customers looking for an affordable option that offers good value for money.

Galaxy A8s is competitively priced in China

Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy A8s price today for China. It will be available in silver, black and blue colors for 2,999 yuan. That’s approximately $430. The company does mention on its website that the blue and black colors will ship from January 15. The silver will ship from December 31.

The Galaxy A8s is a device of firsts for Samsung. It’s the first with an Infinity-O display. There’s a hole in the actual display panel itself for the front camera. This allows Samsung to maximize screen real estate without opting for a notch. This is also Samsung’s first Galaxy A smartphone with an LCD display. It has the same premium metal and glass build as many of Samsung’s recent mid-range devices. A fingerprint sensor is located at the rear as well.

The 6.4-inch Full HD+ 19.5:9 aspect ratio Infinity-O display is certainly the most unique aspect of this device. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage. Samsung did say at launch that there will be an 8GB RAM option but the price for that has not yet been revealed. There’s a triple camera at the back which is exactly the same as the one on the Galaxy A7.

Whether or not Samsung releases the Galaxy A8s in other markets across the globe remains to be seen. Otherwise, its fans outside China may have to wait for the Galaxy S10 to experience the Infinity-O display.

  • Model: SM-G8870
  • Dimensions: 158.4 x 74.9 x 7.4mm
  • Display: 6.4"(162.5mm) LCD
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
  • Camera: 24 MP, CMOS F1.7, 8 MP, CMOS & 5 MP, CMOS


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Hmm the device itself certainly is interesting. Had the original A8 as daily driver a year ago and I liked it. But the reason why I chose the original A8 was due to its big screen, slim body, good battery life and microsd expansion (all of which S6 lacks). Now in 2019, the A8s is no longer thin, lacks microsd expansion, and lacks headphone jack… Also, almost all of the A8 models have subpar OS update support even compared to the cheaper A7 devices… On my SM-A8000 I got android 6.0.1 just 2 months before S8 releases with Android 7… Read more »


You write about eveything but not about screen to body ratio. This is important.




That’s small.
Mate 20 have 88%
S9+ 84.2%

Wihtout hole in screen.