Samsung has reportedly invested in Chinese AI developer DeePhi Tech

Artificial intelligence is going to power a lot of features and services on our mobile devices in the years to come. The AI market is certainly heating up and major tech companies are trying to get a leg up on the competition. To this end, Samsung has reportedly made a significant investment in DeePhi Tech, an artificial intelligence technology startup based in China.

The Chinese government has recently been focusing on fostering homegrown artificial intelligence technology firms. Some people suggest that Samsung made the investment out of political considerations and not necessarily over the company’s technological prowess.

This isn’t the first investment of its kind by Samsung. The company invested $30 million in UK-based AI startup Graphcore not too long ago.

DeePhi Tech And Samsung

DeePhi Tech has founded last year. It’s a deep learning solution developer that caught the attention of companies like Samsung with its neural network compression technology and hardware architecture.

It offers companies a Deep Neural Network Development kit which is designed as an integrated framework for simplifying and accelerating deep learning applications.

Samsung is said to be interested in DeePhi Tech’s neural network-based artificial intelligence chips for mobile devices. The chips allow for instant speech recognition, neural language processing and additional recognition tasks.

DeePhi Tech lists Samsung as one of its partner businesses on its homepage. Other partners include China’s chipmaker MediaTek and even Amazon Web Services.


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